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Did You Know That For Hundreds Of Years In Modern History The Sphinx At Giza Was Only A Head Buried Up To Its Neck In Sand? A Sphinx Timeline Of Excavation In Pictures

The above illustration of the Sphinx at the Great Pyramids of Giza is from the year 1615.
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Did You Know That For Hundreds Of Years In Modern History The Sphinx At Giza Was Only A Head Buried Up To Its Neck In Sand?  A Sphinx Timeline Of Excavation In Pictures
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A couple days ago, if you’d asked me:  Do you think you’ll to be writing about the Sphinx at Giza anytime soon?  I might have responded by raising a curious eyebrow.  But in researching content for yesterday’s extensive post, I came upon this amazing pictorial history. 
Continuing the themes of yesterday’s post, I was fascinated that it is possible that for hundreds and maybe thousands of years no one took the time to determine if the Sphinx head sticking out of the sand at Giza was anything more than a old symbol of a god, trying to keep its head above ground. 
During that long period people speculated as to what might be beneath the surface, but no one bothered to look, content to have their picture drawn with the curious giant head in the background, buried up to its neck in sand.  I find that fascinating.
The Great Sphinx of Giza on Wikipedia
The following pictures were created by people who did not necessarily see the Sphinx first hand.  Nevertheless, they are the most accurate visual representations of what the Sphinx likely looked like during these years.  Some of these dates are my best estimate, from looking at the damage patterns on the Sphinx’ head to imply what image existed before another.





Before 1887:



After 1887:

Before 1925:

The entire Sphinx was finally excavated in 1925 through 1936 in digs led by Émile Baraize.
For more information, here is an organization exploring and preserving the Giza area:
Look at the 1615 illustration atop this post and see how closely it matches the modern day appearance of the pyramids.

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